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RootMaker® Products Company

If you should have additional questions regarding any of the RootMaker® products, please use the contact information below to e-mail, phone, or fax us your requests. We would be happy to help answer your questions.


  • P.O. Box 14553
  • Huntsville, AL 35815
  • 1-800-824-3941
  • Local: (256) 882-3199
  • Fax: (256) 882- 0423

Lacebark Incorprated

Lacebark Inc. is a horticultural research company located near Stillwater, OK. Dr. Whitcomb's 40+ years of horticultural research has led to 32 patents. To obtain information about, or to order Dr. Whitcomb's books, please use the following contact information.

carl whitcomblacebark
  • P.O. Box 2383
  • Stillwater, OK 74075
  • Phone: (405) 377-3539
  • Fax: (405) 377-0131